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I was feeling lackadaisical, so here're some ficbits from the most random parts of my brain.

Blanket Disclaimer: Oddly enough, I own none of these fandoms. Shocking, isn't it?

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Yeah, I don't know where that one came from, either.

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Couldn't get the idea of this out of my head, so here it is for you all to enjoy. -snicker-

Fandom: The Lion King/Magic Kaito
Summary: What was I on when I thought of this?

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...The Lion King. WHAT.
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Writer's Block: BFFs

If you were in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, and you discovered a cockroach in your room, would you kill it or make it your friend?

Neither. I'd lodge a complaint with the jail about the lack of hygiene in the cell. Then I'd probably go back to fantasizing about whatever fandom had taken my fancy before I was put into solitary...
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It is 2:00 AM, and I am pondering zoofic.

Something is quite clearly wrong with my mind.

-cough- Anyway. Zoofic. Pondering. Yes. And of course, my mind being what it is, I have to twist it to another fandom. You get three guesses what it is, and the first two don't count.

...By God, I want a pet Kid now. ;-;
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It has come to my attention that a proper livejournalist is nothing without a good avatar. I shall strive to correct the sad state that my avatar collection is in, though I'm not certain I'll have much luck. (Read: any luck. At all.) Oh well! I'll just have to keep looking, won't I?

First on the list are some decently enthusiastic avatars. Perhaps something with an adorable non-child on the front. What do you think, oh my nonexistent readers? Perhaps a dashing phantom thief or a beautiful karate queen would be more appropriate?

...Yes, I've been obsessing over Three Thieves again.

But enough on that! I'm sure you hypothetical readers don't want to hear of my fanfic recommendations. (Although I really do recommend it, it's quite lovely. It may be found either here on LJ or on, if you're interested.)

Anyway. Off I go into the wilds of Google, searching for good icons. Good gods, this is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack.

...I might be searching for awhile.

Wish me luck!

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Hunting For Ficcage (And Some Plunnies)

The hunt has been slow-going, today. Most of what I found was Harry Potter fics and Fullmetal Alchemist fics. Don't get me wrong, they're wonderful, but... I thirst for more well-written Detective Conan/Magic Kaito! Oh well. Three Thieves and some other delightful treats shall have to suffice for now.

In other news, is being rather uncooperative. It errors out half the time. I hope that things are being done to rectify the situation... I cannot abide a day without my favorite authors! It simply cannot be done!

Well, I promised plunnies. Here are a couple that've been gnawing on my brain, lately:

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Blue-Eyed Beasts
This... Has been eating my brain for quite a while, now. Takes place a couple of years before Link's adventure, which would mean that Link would be about fifteen when the story began. Kaito would end up in Ordon, Hakuba would live with the Zoras, Heji would end up with the Gorons, and dear Shin-chan would be left to fend for himself in monster-infested woods. I'm not quite certain how they get to Hyrule, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the lovely Plot Device known as the Pandora Gem. This will likely never get done by me, so anyone who feels like it is free to twist the idea to their own needs. I'd be interested in reading any fics this little bunny spawned, actually!

I've figured out some pack dynamic, actually, as I've figured that all five of the boys (meaning Lin k, Hakuba, Shinichi, Heji, and Kaito) would end up as wolves, eventually. Ignore this if you want, it's really just speculation on my part. Anyway. Kaito and Link, or perhaps Kaito and Shinichi, would end up with some tension as their wolf instincts would tell them to try for the position of alpha. Heji and Hakuba would end up as middlin'-rankers. I'd think that if Kaito eventually became alpha, either Shinichi or Hakuba would be the beta. If Link... Either Kaito or Heji, methinks. The position of omega, well... I can't picture wolf!Heji as omega. Wolf!Shinichi is a big maybe. Wolf!Kaito? I don't know. Someone has to be omega, at any rate. In my head Shinichi is currently in the position of Omega, though that might change soon.

Bedlam's Bard/Magic Kaito/Detective Conan
Magic Hands

This is a sick and twisted idea which could only have been produced by my weird and wily reptilian mind.

Here's the basics:
Kayla wants to go to Japan. Feel free to come up with a reason on your own - mine was rather mediocre. I thought she might have taken Japanese as her foreign language, and maybe wanted to see the island with her own eyes. Ria gives her this wish for, oh, a birthday present or somesuch. Perhaps a Christmas present. Eric, being the nice, responsible Bard that he is, goes with her to help her with any sort of magical or mundane troubles that spunky little Kayla gets herself into. Hosea, by the way, has been declared a full Bard by Eric and is ready for students of his own. He might feature later in the story.

Somehow the pair end up at a heist. Again, feel free to extrapolate. I, personally, have no idea how they get there. Happenstance, purposefully... Take your pick. The important thing, though, is that they notice Kaito(u). It is then that they will realize that Kaito is a Bard, with slight of hand as his medium. Feel free to show this in any way you see fit! In my opinion, Kaito would 'see' magic rather like Eric does - as a part of their art.

When Eric got knocked on his face by a bolt of power, he 'heard' it as A Major. So Kaito would 'see' it as, perhaps, a masterful execution of a complicated magic trick. Get it? And when Eric healed Kory, he 'heard' Kory's vitals as broken music, faltering and fading. He attempted to support Kory's 'orchestra' (life force) with 'music' (healing magic). So if Kaito was trying to heal someone, he'd probably 'see' the person's faltering life energy as the results of an exhausted magician trying a complex trick. He'd 'show' the 'magician' what he/she was doing wrong, and correct them. If they got better, the tricks would become masterful again. Get it? The reason why his power wouldn't have surfaced before in unseemly or frightening ways would be, of course, that Kaito does magic to make people smile. Magic is all about intent, when you really get down to it. Intent, and emotion. So if Kaito was only doing magic to help people, the most he would have done was make them cheer up just a bit faster than they would have if he was doing his magic tricks without actual magic behind them.

I haven't really gotten much further than this, other than the obvious fact that Eric or Hosea (if they contacted him) would have to train Kaito to control his Bardic power. Convincing him to let them help would be a whole new can of worms, though. Hah. I imagine Kayla would help by acting as a translator for them, as I don't really think that Eric and Hosea know Japanese. But don't worry, Kayla's not just a glorified English-to-Japanese dictionary!

That would, of course, be because either Hattori Heji or Hakuba Saguru are untrained Healers. I'm leaning towards Hakuba, since he's so cold and doesn't seem to like physical contact. And as we all know, any touch is intimate for a Healer. Unless the Healer happens to have shields. And while I think that our dear White Horse would have figured out some rudimentary shielding... I don't think he's got that much of a handle on it. Just enough to keep him from going completely bonkers from feeling everything everyone else felt. This'd also help him to pinpoint murderers out of a group of suspects. After all, guilt is an emotion too. Or carnal glee, depending on how insane the murderer is...

Shinichi, I think, is some kind of a precognitive. Perhaps he can only see ahead a set amount of days, or something. But this is why he's seen at so many murders. He can See that they're going to happen, and somehow gets himself ever-so-conveniently at the right place and right time to solve it. One wonders how he'd fit into this story?

Now, what does this leave for Hattori? Actually... I'm not quite certain. I can't see him as one of the elves of Underhill, which was what I'd originally planned for Hakuba before I realized it made more sense for him to be a Healer. Though... With that motorcycle of his... (Elvensteed?) Perhaps he's a psychic? I'm really not sure.

And of course, there's the Pandora Gem. One wonders what the Sidhe think of it? Both the Light and Dark courts, I mean. If it gives immortality to mortals, what could it do to elves? Most intriguing. At any rate, they'd want it. If only to get it out of foolish mortal hands.

Anyone who wants to adopt this plunny, please do so! Don't feel the need to adhere to my paltry little guidelines. If you get an idea, run with it!


So. Yes. That's all, for now. Not much else to say, really!

Rest assured, I'll be slithering your way!

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The room is quiet. People are shifting in the audience, waiting for whoever has just joined their ranks to step up onto the stage. Suddenly, there is a stirring in the crowd. A woman shrieks, a child squeals. Panic breaks out. If one were to listen closely, irritable muttering could be heard underneath the sound of mayhem. Finally, something slithers up onto the stage. A spotlight, bright and hot, focuses onto the creature. A gigantic purple python is coiled up on a box in front of the microphone. slowly, it lifts it head up in front of the microphone, tongue flickering in and out, testing the air. Green, slit-pupiled eyes watch the crowd as it slowly calms down. The panic, it seems, was brought about by the giant, twenty-foot snake in their midst. Now that they know it's one of their fellows, and not somebody's escaped pet, they are much quieter. Though, you'd think the fact that I'm purple would give 'em a hint....

Finally, the snake rears up, clears its throat, and begins to speak.

"Hello, everyone! Thanks for welcoming me here to LiveJournal. I'm glad to be here with you." The snake gives a jaunty wave to the crowd with its tail, and somehow stretches its mouth into a smile. "I'm PurplePython, as you can see," It says, smirking and looking down at its extensive (and quite purple) coils, before looking back to the crowd. "Though I prefer to just be called Python, or, if you want, Py. I'm here as, well..." It pauses, wondering how to explain this. "As a fanfic connoisseur, you might say. Since I have the tendency to devour fanfics, I chose this form. After all, I originally came here for a fanfic." It somehow manages not only to grin, but to make the expression sheepish.

"Yep, I admit it freely: I'm a raging fangirl. No fanfic is safe from me. If it's my fandom, I'll read it." The reptile makes a face. "Unless it's badfic. Those give me indigestion." It smiles. "But, yeah, anyway. That's my reason for being here. I might post a bit of writing from me, every now and then, but i's not really that likely. I'm more into roleplay right now. Maybe later."

Hissed laughter escapes the snake's throat. "Well, I guess that's it, then. Sorry for the scare! You'll likely see me slithering your way, sometime, if you're a fanfic writer. See you!"

And with that, the reptile slithers offstage.